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The closet...

2009-02-27 15:55:47 by NintendoDude0

It's staring at me...

Leave britney alone

2009-01-22 04:32:31 by NintendoDude0

or else chris rocker will repeat that until ur face explodes!

Hi there do you want a chimchar,turtwig,piplup,riolu,lucario,
well then if you have legendary and you want one of these then tell me the name of the legendary pokemon and i might be interested!

starter pkmn (diamond and pearl)


2008-12-27 05:02:30 by NintendoDude0

just by curiosity wat did u all get 4 xmas
I got brawl (yaaay!)


2008-10-17 03:11:56 by NintendoDude0

I feel like I'm the only aussie on Newgrounds so let me ask this: are there any other Australians out there!?


My new pic

2008-10-02 04:17:05 by NintendoDude0

Look, now I know for all the people who liked my other user image I like this 1 better....... BAZZAM!!!!

My new pic

Yeah, you know what,

2008-09-22 00:19:58 by NintendoDude0

Us aussies aren't all: g'day mate! and shit like that!